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We focus on authentic processes.
In this new world of abundance and increasing environmental concerns, nothing is more important than making the right choices, thus ensuring a sustainable future for us all. We are moving towards a future in which living with less is more accepted and sustainability is more important than ever before.


The safety of natural and organic ingredients, the expertise of Derma Cosmetics, and the essential lifestyle focusing on the essence are combined.


Enhanced texture and functionality in
comparison to the other natural cosmetics


A responsible, sustainability minded approach to sourcing and manufacturing processes


Daily help for your simple yet
effective skincare routine with products that contain minimal, natural ingredients

Responsible SOURCING

Olivarrier's skincare is healthy because of its clean choice of raw materials that can be traced to origin, and even the industrial water generated during manufacture. It verifies all safety, including GMO and synthetic flavorings, not only in the finished product but also in the raw material stage.

continuous improvement

Protecting people and the environment, treating partners fairly, and focusing on customer needs is our core value. Therefore, we strive not only to comply with all laws and commitments, but also to continuously improve performance and products.

a reason to trust

We use the precautionary principle when creating our products. If we question the safety of an ingredient, we look for safer alternatives. We use trusted international resources such as the European Cosmos and Vegan Society and the EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database to evaluate all ingredients and disclose our production processes, earning certifications from multiple consumer advocacy organizations.

Sustainable Materials

We strive for a sustainable environment, including 100% recycled paper, Single-material springless pumps, HDPE which protect content from heat and moisture that are easily recycled worldwide, wash-off labels that are easily separated by sodium hydroxide in the recycling process, and recycled paper. Of course, cleaning agents that clean manufacturing facilities are also eco-friendly.