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Dull skin can be caused by a number of different reasons.

knowing the cause is the first step in taking measures to restore a more glowy, radiant complexion.



Without moisture, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated which makes your skin looking dull. Dry skin also makes fine lines and wrinkles look even more harsh.

#2 Excess Dead Skin Cells

The skin naturally sheds away dead skin cells but as you age that rate at which that happens slows down.
When these dead skin cells start to build up it blocks the fresh, new skin underneath from shining through.

#3 Damaged Lipid Barrier

When the skin is dull-looking, it could be because the top layer of your skin is compromised and moisture is escaping. This happens when there are tiny, invisible cracks in the skin that no longer seals moisture between surface cells.


#1 Make exfoliation part of your routine

When dead skin cells build up on the outer layers of your skin, it can cause your skin to look dull, dry, and flakey, and can even clog your pores. Regular exfoliation can prevent this from happening.

#2 Green tea

Green tea is one of the best natural cures for bright skin when used topically, in addition to eliminating toxins from the body. Green tea, which is high in flavonoids, enhances the formation of collagen and keeps skin supple. Your skin will appear radiant and healthy, and the ageing process will be slowed down. Follow the instructions below to utilise green tea to get beautiful skin.

#3 Apply moisturizer on damp skin

Apply moisturizer right after bathing or showering
a product with ingredients such as sunflower oil, ceramides, or squalane that mimic your skin’s natural moisturizers is recommanded.

#4 Wear sunscreen daily

This will help prevent UV-induced damage, including skin dyspigmentation, aging brown spots, and rough, dulling texture